UMS Team

The UMS Team is one of the leading Russian companies among the firms-developers of computer programs devoted to physics and mathematics. The company was founded by scientists and professional teaching staff in 1997. The development of our projects has involved the combined efforts of talented programmers, postgraduate students from St. Petersburg and Baltic State Universities, and dedicated scientists, professors and teachers. The main project of the company is the UMS - Universal Math Solver, which we have been working on from the inception of the company to the present day. Monya the cat, our mascot, has been with the team from the very beginning.

Mikhail Ivanov

Founder and Director of Physical-Technical High School associated with the Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Specialist in quantum optics and physics of semi-conductors. Guest lecturer at: University of California at Berkley, Stanford University, Columbia University, Harvard University.

Author of lectures and seminars for teachers in USA and England.

Member of St. Petersburg Physics Society.

Member of American Association of Physics Teachers.

Recipient of Soros Foundation grant.

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