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The UMS team is happy to help you in solving any problems you may encounter using our software.

You can send in your math problems and we can show you how to solve them with UMS.

How to run UMS.

How to obtain the correct "Login".

How to connect UMS Online to the UMS server.

How to use UMS

How to convert UMS Editor Files into PDF file format.

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UMS Online works jointly with UMS server. Please check that your Firewall (or other Antivirus software) doesn't block UMS Online connection with UMS server. UMS Online must be included in the list of programs that are allowed to access the internet.

The program requires an open TCP/IP port 9999. If you have a proxy server, ask your system administrator to open this port for outgoing connections.

Useful Links

Pioneer Mathematics. Description: Pioneer Mathematics provide the complete CBSE Maths study material (class 6th to 12th) online, NTSE, Maths Olympiad, IIT JEE Test Series, Vedic Maths & more.

EqWorld. Description: The EqWorld website presents extensive information on algebraic equations and systems of algebraic equations, ordinary differential, partial differential, integral, functional, and other mathematical equations.

How to connect UMS Online to the UMS server.

Step 1

Download the current version of UMS Online.

Step 2

Install the program and run UMS Online.

Step 3

After the program connects, you will see an invitation to connect to the UMS server; press OK. You will be prompted to enter the LOGIN that you received from us.

Step 4

After 10 minutes of inactivity UMS Software will switch into an Off-line mode and disconnect from the UMS Server. In order to reconnect simply click OK on the connection prompt.

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